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With over 18 years of experience in the game as excavation contractors, Hammer Excavations have assembled a team of motivated and skilful earthwork experts ready for your next excavation project. Our operators are committed to providing a premium service as they read the lay of the land and provide happy customers all over Melbourne with beautifully sculpted landscapes and fast efficient excavations. 
Hammer Excavations has grown into a diverse Earth Work Business over the years, from the foundation of quality work and happy customers, we have managed to branch out into dry hire of machinery, landscaping, retaining walls, clean fill, shade sails, soil removal, rock breaking, rock drilling, bored piers, cut and fill, specialist rock retaining walls and much more in our hundreds of jobs completed. A family owned business with a passion for excavation and earth moving in Melbourne Vic, Hammer Excavations are more than your average earthmoving company, we genuinely take pride in our work and are more than happy to look at your next construction project.


Our range of machinery allows us to take on a range of projects from bulk excavation, landscaping, tight access and limited access excavation, retaining walls, rock retaining walls, boulder removal services, basement excavation, site cuts, basement excavation, earth moving, plant hire, earthworks, spoil removal, emergency excavation, post holes, grappler work and much much more.


We’ve worked hard to create our lineup of services that are centred around transparent and quality-orientated excavation services for all clients located in Eltham, Research, and surrounding suburbs.

At the beginning of the process, we’ll discuss all matters of the brief with you, allowing us to understand any challenges or specific requirements that might be on hand. The beauty of having a hands on approach is that our managers are on-site, decisions can be made on the spot, and it also makes consultation with the customer super easy. So any good job begins with a consultation, from there, we’ll plan the project, then move on to excavation works.

Our projects always start with an assessment of the lay of the land, we will look at where water will run, we will plan around this. We will use our expertise to spot areas that might cause problems later on, any earthworks project should be laid out to allow water to run freely into drainage and catchment areas, we don’t wan to turn your backyard into a swimming pool. 


It is our finer touch that seperates us from the rest, in our years dealing with earthworks and earthmoving, we have found ourselves performing landscaping works often, with retaining walls, garden beds, full backyard overhauls and topsoiling being some of the earthworks we have completed. Using our bulk earthworks skills coupled with our finer landscaping abilities, we have a killer combination which allows us to not only judge the timing of projects with a high degree of accuracy but also price jobs very accurately, making it smooth sailing for us as a business but also you as a customer. There really is no rush with Hammer Excavations, we know what we do, and we do it well, this makes the job of higher quality, because we have no need to rush. 

As Excavation contractors in Melbourne, it takes a quality team of professional excavator operators and construction, earthmoving and excavation industry experts to provide the quality outcomes that Hammer Excavations have produced, just read our reviews. We have a long list of happy customers who rate us as the best earth moving contractors Melbourne has to offer.



We have all the equipment and experience necessary for site cuts and site levelling works. Along with earthmoving works.

Retaining Walls are something we do regularly, we have great reviews on our work with retaining walls. 

We are available for emergency works, in the past we have been called upon to save the day with land slips and service issues.

Sometimes the ground is just too hard, let us make light work of the ground and get your fence, decking or wall built faster.

Rock just isn’t often welcome in an earthworks project, let us make light work the rock in your way.

With larger equipment at our fingertips than most landscaping companies, we have managed to provide our customers with a range of successful landscaping outcomes.

Our fleet of trucks makes Hammer Excavations a great choice for spoil removal and earthmoving.

With tight access excavation, large scale excavation and spoil removal, retaining walls and site cuts in our skillset, choose Hammer Excavations for a smooth outcome

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With 18 dedicated years of experience under his belt, Alex knows his way around excavation and the building industry better than most. Loving the outdoors, the adventures that it brings and impressive outdoor spaces, Alex founded ‘Hammer Excavations’ eight years ago as a way to share his hobby and passion.
Our aim has always been to stay cost effective, professional, safe and reliable. As a team we value quality above all else and it drives us all crazy when something isn’t perfect.
We provide our services to residential, domestic and commercial sectors. Our range of machines and attachments means we can adapt to a vast spectrum of jobs… the more custom, the better.
Did I mention we love a challenge? It is our ability to nail the tight and difficult work that puts us in a premium category. Premium excavation services for regular prices. With all the heavy machinery to do the job, plus a solid knowledge base of modern excavation techniques, Hammer Excavations are a great choice for construction work, civil construction, earth moving, plant hire and anything that involves dirt.



Usually relating to building construction, this type of work is used to convert rocky spaces of land into a number of other formats. This might be in the form of a pool, pond, or to prepare the land for concreting. In some cases, it’s even used before playgrounds are installed, or patios are placed down. Excavation in the sense we are using here is referring to excavation using machinery for the purpose of construction, also referred to as earthworks or earthmoving. Usually employing the use of excavation machinery such as excavators, bobcats, posi tracks, graders, dozers, haul trucks, tippers or tip trucks and water carts. 

Some different types of excavation are civil construction, bulk earthworks, earthmoving, landscaping, residential excavation, demolition, hydrovac excavation or non destructive digging, industrial excavation, excavation for services and pits, basements, trenching, foundations and landscape design. Some of the different aspects of earthworks include spoil removal, topsoiling, top dressing, retaining wall construction, clearing, grading, bulk earth removal, loading trucks, site cuts, dewatering, basement excavation, rock breaking, soil removal, shoring, benching, boxing out and battering.

Across this field, there are also a number of types of methods used to create the intended result. This typically depends on the nature of the project itself, but they include excavating land for contexts relating to:

  • Topsoil

  • Earth

  • Muck

  • Rock

  • Trench

  • Dredging

  • Cut/fill

  • Basement (below ground level)

If you’re looking for an expert in this line of work, we highly recommend speaking to our professionals to make sure all areas of the process are fully understood. As your land may have specific details that are important to council regulations or your own needs, it’s important to ensure all parties are well-informed

We operate all over Melbourne, originating in the Northern suburbs, all around Bundoora, Banyule, Manningham council, Nillumbik, Preston, Hume, Warrandyte, Diamond Creek, EppingBroadmeadowsCraigieburn, ThomastownGreensboroughElthamWhittlesea,


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