fence post holes drilling

A Guide To Drilling Fence Post Holes

A‌ ‌Guide‌ ‌To‌ ‌Drilling‌ ‌Fence‌ ‌Post‌ ‌Holes‌ One of the essential aspects of fence construction is drilling fence post holes. Your fence will be aligned, sturdy, and secure with correctly excavated post holes. Your fence may easily fall apart if you don’t have them.  Digging holes for poles using a spade or shovel the old-fashioned

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A Large Rock Retaining Wall

Building A Large Rock Retaining Wall

Building A Large Rock Retaining Wall A large rock retaining wall creates a barrier with carefully placed rocks or boulders to keep a soil bank in place. If your yard is uneven, a boulder retaining wall may prevent erosion and provide a beautiful plant area. If you want a rustic, natural look, a large rock

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11 Different Earthmoving Techniques

11 Different Earthmoving Techniques The various techniques used in archaeology to dig, uncover, identify, process, and record archaeological remains are known as earthwork methods. The removal of soil, sediment, or rock that covers artefacts or other evidence of human activity is known as archaeological excavation.  When it comes to earthmoving a site, deciding which method

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treated pine sleeper retaining wall

Retaining Wall Regulations Victoria

Retaining wall regulations in Victoria Installing a retaining wall in Melbourne may appear to be a straightforward process, and it is if you follow the council’s guidelines. However, you will require council consent and an engineer for walls that are higher than 600mm high, and in some states, 1000mm high.Some people prefer to learn the

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rock wall, landscaping

Regulations Guide – Landscaping in Melbourne

Landscaping in Victoria – Regulations Summary When it comes to landscaping work around the house, it’s sometimes tough to tell when you can do it yourself and when you need to hire a professional. It’s also not always clear whether you’ll need a permit, a contract, or insurance for the job. This page’s information will

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soil removal

A Comprehensive Guide To Soil Removal

Table of Contents A Comprehensive Guide To Soil Removal Soil removal is an essential part of renovations, site cuts and gardening projects. Landscaping and site cuts leave a lot of soil behind in your yard or home and can be cumbersome to get rid of it.  Soil removal is typically challenging because it is heavy

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