10 Beginner-Friendly Guide on How To Landscape a Front Yard Design

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Ever stood before a beautifully landscaped front yard and thought, “How on earth do they do that?

Who would not want to step outside their car to their doorway and see a front yard that not only enhances the overall beauty of the house but also exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere? A well-landscaped front yard is like a first impression—a visual introduction to your home, reflecting your personality and creating a sense of harmony with the surroundings.

If you’ve ever felt the allure of a picturesque front yard and wondered how to bring that magic to your home, you’re in the right place.

Here’s our beginner-friendly guide on how you will start creating that beautiful front yard that sets your house apart from your neighbourhood.

Front yard design and landscaping - Hammer Excavations

Should Every House Need To Have A Front Yard Landscape?

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, let’s address a burning question: is a front yard landscape necessary? I believe it is absolutely! A well-designed front yard enhances your home’s curb appeal and creates a welcoming atmosphere. It’s like a warm handshake for your house, inviting guests and residents alike to appreciate the beauty of nature.

While it’s not a strict requirement for every home to have a front garden landscape, having one has many advantages and can improve a property’s appearance and usefulness. For the following reasons, front yard landscaping is frequently regarded as an advantageous addition to a house:

Curb Appeal

A well-planned front yard improves a home’s curb appeal. Being the first thing guests and onlookers see, a front garden that is visually pleasing can leave a good impression.

Property Appraisal

An increase in property value can be attributed to professionally groomed front yards. A home’s curb appeal may increase with the upkeep and care given to its landscaping.

Connection with Nature

Landscapes in front yards offer a chance to get in touch with nature. A green area in the front yard, whether a tiny garden, flowering plants or a well-kept lawn, can improve the quality of life.


You can showcase your individuality and sense of style in your front yard. By landscaping, you may add personality to your outside area and turn it into an extension of your living space.

Environmental Benefits

Landscapes in front yards can support environmental sustainability. Select plants can support regional ecosystems, lessen erosion, and offer shade.


There is evidence that having greenery around oneself enhances mental health. A well-kept front garden can provide a calm haven and peace.

Community Aesthetics

A neighbourhood’s overall sense of community beauty is frequently enhanced by well-kept front yards. It makes an environment that is visually pleasing for everyone to enjoy.

Front yard design guide - Hammer Excavations

10 Easy Tips on Landscaping a Front Yard for Beginners:

Start with a Plan, Not a Shovel

One of the most frequent errors made by novices is to tackle landscaping without a plan. Take some time to sketch out your idea before you grab a shovel. Think about the design, the main features, and the kinds of plants that do well in Melbourne’s climate. Believe me, this is an important step.

Once, I jumped straight to the planning stage, and, well, that resulted in a confusing garden maze for my guests and me. Take note of my error and make a plan!

Choose the Right Plants

Because of Melbourne’s unpredictable climate, choosing plants that can withstand the city’s varied weather is important. Because native plants are adapted to the local environment, they make an excellent choice. For little maintenance and colour all year round, add some perennials.

I’ve faced my fair share of challenges regarding plants in Melbourne that needed to be climate-adapted. It is comparable to attempting to insert a square peg into a circular hole. Your garden will appreciate your thoughtful selections.

Mind the Maintenance:

Only some have hours to devote to maintaining their gardens. Please take into account the plants’ upkeep requirements before choosing them. Choose low-maintenance kinds to avoid spending weekends pulling weeds and trimming branches.

My first garden needed more care than a baby did. Choose plants that coexist peacefully with your schedule as a lesson learned.

Create a Focal Point

There is an eye-catching focal point in every beautiful front yard. It may be an exquisite tree, an unusual sculpture, or a colourful flower garden. This focus point gives your design direction and a unique touch.
I previously worked on a project where the main feature was a stunning water element. It changed the area and made everyone in the neighbourhood talk about it.

Consider the Appeal of the Seasons

Melbourne has four seasons, which should be reflected in your front yard. Choose plants that bloom at different periods to ensure your landscape is a visual feast throughout the year.
I enjoy the challenge of designing a stunning landscape all year round. It guarantees that there’s always something to look forward to and keeps things exciting.

Keep the Mulch in Mind

Mulch is a superhero in landscaping that is frequently overlooked. It gives your garden a polished appearance, aids moisture retention, and inhibits weed growth. Furthermore, it’s an easy addition that can have a significant impact.

Mulch is the glue that makes everything come together. Never undervalue its influence.

Lighting Matters

Keep working hard; don’t let the sun set on your efforts. A thoughtfully chosen lighting scheme can create a mystical haven in your front garden. Think of string lights, walkway lights, or even uplighting trees to create a warm atmosphere.

I once transformed the atmosphere of a front yard by installing soft pathway lights. At night, the garden appears to perform.

Hardscaping Harmony

Balance is essential for hardscaping features like patios, fences, and paths. These elements need to enhance rather than overshadow your plantings. Select materials and patterns that complement your landscape’s inherent beauty.

Some front yards I’ve seen look like concrete jungles. Finding the ideal balance between hardscape and vegetation is crucial.

Water Wisely

Because of Melbourne’s occasionally dry environment, water conservation is crucial. Obtain a smart irrigation system or strategically water by hand. Combine plants that require comparable amounts of water to maximise irrigation efficiency.

Watering might be difficult, but if you have the appropriate system, you can save water and maintain healthy plants.

Personalize Your Space

Personalize Your Space
Finally, but just as importantly, let your front yard reflect who you are. Add things that make your front yard distinctly yours, such as a custom-made mailbox, a unique colour palette, or a wacky garden gnome.
Creating a front yard that mirrored the homeowner’s passion for art was one of my favourite projects. We transformed the area into a living canvas by adding sculptures and colourful plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

While landscaping projects can be completed independently, consulting a professional can help avoid potential problems. Speaking with a landscaping specialist might yield insightful advice unique to your area and objectives.

Pests in gardens are a common sight in Melbourne. Rather than using chemical pesticides, consider companion planting, neem oil, or beneficial insect introduction. A pest-resistant garden is usually one that is in good health.

Little areas can have just as much appeal as bigger ones. Make the most of your restricted space by concentrating on vertical gardening, selecting compact plants, and implementing creative design techniques.

Absolutely! Xeriscaping, or water-wise landscaping, is well-suited for Melbourne’s dry spells. Choose drought-tolerant plants, incorporate mulch, and design your front yard to minimize water usage.


Turning your front yard into a lush haven is not just about landscaping; it’s about crafting a narrative for your home.
Remember, landscaping is an art form; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Embrace the process, learn from your experiences, and, most importantly, have fun! Your front yard is a canvas waiting to be painted with the colours of nature.

And there is always no harm in reaching out to the experts! If you need help knowing where to start, feel free to seek the guidance of seasoned professionals. Landscaping experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a keen eye for design that can elevate your vision to new heights.

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