With the power of an excavator behind it, our augers are powerful and we can drill post holes that a smaller machine couldn’t. We provide the full service from post hole drilling to spoil removal and carting the dirt off site, alternatively we can make good use of the material on site if you wish. 


  • Post Holes for Fence Posts and Fencing

  • Post Holes for Footings

  • Post or Stump Holes for Housing or Underpinning

  • Post Holes for Extensions

  • Post Holes for Decking Stumps

  • Post Holes or Stump Holes for Retaining Walls

  • Larger Post Holes for Tree Planting

  • Post Holes for Bored Piers down and Footings

Hammer Excavations did an excellent job on our hobby farm. They dug footings, leveled ground, cut the driveway and house site. They were great to work with, responded quickly, reliable and the quality of their work was fantastic. Would hire them in a heartbeat the next time we need excavation work done.


We have a broad range of Augers ranging from 250mm to 600mm in width. These augers provide a variety of applications across a range of construction projects. Be it fencing, foundations or stumps.


We have all the equipment and experience necessary for site cuts and site levelling works. Along with earthmoving works.

Retaining Walls are something we do regularly, we have great reviews on our work with retaining walls. 

We are available for emergency works, in the past we have been called upon to save the day with land slips and service issues.

Sometimes the ground is just too hard, let us make light work of the ground and get your fence, decking or wall built faster.

Rock just isn’t often welcome in an earthworks project, let us make light work the rock in your way.

With larger equipment at our fingertips than most landscaping companies, we have managed to provide our customers with a range of successful landscaping outcomes.

Our fleet of trucks makes Hammer Excavations a great choice for spoil removal and earthmoving.

With tight access excavation, large scale excavation and spoil removal, retaining walls and site cuts in our skillset, choose Hammer Excavations for a smooth outcome

Looking For Machine Hire?

Hammer Excavations Melbourne

Fence Post Holes and Foundations

post holes, auger holes, excavator drilling, fence post holes
auger, post holes, bored piers, fence post, post hole digger

We are a diverse business providing a range of services, from post holes to rock breaking and machine hire. 

  • Post Holes
  • Site Cuts
  • Reataining Walls
  • Emergency Excavation
  • Rock Breaking
  • Landscaping
  • Spoil Removal
  • Rock Retaining Walls
  • Tight Access Excavation
  • Excavation
  • Earth Removal
  • Compaction 
  • Spread And Fill
  • Track Rolling
  • Tipper Work
  • Earthworks Quantity Calculations 
post holes, auger holes, excavator drilling, fence post holes


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