Most Trusted Rock Breaking Services in Melbourne

Hammer Excavations is not just offering a wide range of excavation services. Rock breaking is one of our specialties. If you are having a hard time dealing with unwanted rock, enquire with us today.

Our licensed and highly-trained professional contractors are ready to remove them right away. We have the best rock breaking equipment, safety measures, and an efficient process to get rid of that rock.

Why Use Our Rock Breaking Services?

Rock breaking and demolition is not an easy job. Aside from the time and energy that you have to devote to it, using an old jackhammer is not enough. You may just hurt yourself in the end. When it comes to well-rooted rocks and stubborn boulders, it is best to hire experts. Rock demolition requires the right set of equipment to complete the job.

At Hammer Excavations, our professionals do have years of experience in excavation and stone breaking in the industry.  We offer rock breaking using a hammer attachment, also known as a rock breaker, this way everyone on the site or property is safe. We also make sure that we are also following the best earthmoving OHS compliance, safety precautions, laws, zoning, and local regulations.

Alex Liam and Paul yet again did a great job on our retaining wall. This is the second project we've done with Hammer Excavations and they've really come though again for us. They communicated well regarding the start date of the job (at the mercy of prevailing weather), provided options for us to choose on important aspects of the job and hosed the dirt off the deck and road when they finished and also minimised the disruption to the nature strip. We're very happy once again dealing with friendly, helpful and reasonable hard workers, highly recommend.

Complete Rock Breaking in Melbourne

At Hammer Excavators, satisfaction is guaranteed. With our earth moving professionals and state-of-the-art rock hammer, rock breaker, diggers, and excavator attachments, we are confident that we can complete the job fast and efficiently. No matter what type of rock or boulders you want removed, leave it to us and we will handle it.

Why Choose Us?

Excellence in every project that we handle is our priority. We make sure that our licensed and proficient team will complete the project on time at a reasonable price. Satisfaction is always what we want to deliver no matter how big or small it is, we got you covered.

  • Wide range of high technology rock breaking equipment
  • Cost-effective disposal of spoil
  • Licensed operators
  • Experienced and knowledgeable operators
  • Occupational Health and Safety Compliant
  • Also offering excavation services
  • Landscaping
  • Emergency service trenching
  • Demolition


We have all the equipment and experience necessary for site cuts and site levelling works. Along with earthmoving works.

Retaining Walls are something we do regularly, we have great reviews on our work with retaining walls. 

We are available for emergency works, in the past we have been called upon to save the day with land slips and service issues.

Sometimes the ground is just too hard, let us make light work of the ground and get your fence, decking or wall built faster.

Rock just isn’t often welcome in an earthworks project, let us make light work the rock in your way.

With larger equipment at our fingertips than most landscaping companies, we have managed to provide our customers with a range of successful landscaping outcomes.

Our fleet of trucks makes Hammer Excavations a great choice for spoil removal and earthmoving.

With tight access excavation, large scale excavation and spoil removal, retaining walls and site cuts in our skillset, choose Hammer Excavations for a smooth outcome

Looking For Machine Hire?

Rock Breaking From The Experts

Hammer Excavations Melbourne

machines used by Hammer excavations
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We are a diverse business providing a range of services, from post holes to rock breaking and machine hire. 

  • Post Holes
  • Site Cuts
  • Reataining Walls
  • Emergency Excavation
  • Rock Breaking
  • Landscaping
  • Spoil Removal
  • Rock Retaining Walls
  • Tight Access Excavation
  • Excavation
  • Earth Removal
  • Compaction 
  • Spread And Fill
  • Track Rolling
  • Tipper Work
  • Earthworks Quantity Calculations 
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