Whats happening at your garden edge?

The Hammer Excavations team have been leaders in rock retaining walls and wall systems across Melbourne for over a decade. Having fulfilled the needs of clients far and wide throughout this area of retaining walls, we continue to offer industry-leading solutions that present high-end results. 

Located in Melbournes north, we are happy to service people all over Melbourne.

As the focal point for your property, these walls are designed to draw attention, and we know exactly how to turn heads as a wall builder with the equipment to do the job properly. Working with council requirements, your land and specific brief, we’ll create flawless results you’ll be proud to show off.

We have constructed a diverse range of retaining walls in our time, from sleeper retaining walls, garden edge, concrete retaining walls, rock walls, commercial retaining walls, timber sleeper, erosion control, rendered blocks, stone walls, timber retaining walls, pine sleeper retaining walls, block wall, treated pine sleeper retaining walls and the list goes on. 


At Hammer Excavations, we have spent many of our years perfecting our craft, building retaining walls on a range of layouts, some difficult areas, some hard to access. This is our job, this is what we do, we have now gained a reputation as experts in the trade, with many happy customers to vouch for us. 
We are also capable of retaining wall repair.

Alex and the team at hammer excavations completed an amazing transformation of our backyard. I would highly recommend them as I was blown away with the level of professionalism, knowledge and communication of the team. Due to the steep gradient and complexities of our site Alex came up with a cost effective solution to assist with maintaining our strict budget for the project and ultimately transformed our yard into a beautiful oasis that we can enjoy for years to come. I would definitely call them again for any future excavation works I have.


Retaining Walls are used for aesthetic appeal, garden, drainage, to help a drainage system, to alter the landscape of your yard, to make way for landscaping, on sloping areas, to reinforce earth, to prevent land slipping, to prevent soil washing away and many other reasons.

Using stone and boulders of all sizes and shapes, concrete, concrete blocks, natural rock, concrete sleepers, steel beams, steel h beams, stone blocks and a range of materials, retaining walls are diverse.

Retaining walls can be rock retaining walls or more commercial looking concrete walls, they can be straight, curved, vertical, used as a wall, disguised as a garden bed, natural looking, residential features in housing developments, the design possibilities are endless. Every construction company in Melbourne would have built a residential retaining wall at some stage. Retaning walls can be used to take the pressure off a house block or to split the level so a concrete slab can be poured.

Rock retaining walls or Rockwall design has become a popular look across Melbourne properties. Durable, sleek, modern and low maintenance rock walls can transform your outdoor area from a boring space to a dream. Rock retaining walls are extremely functional, helping with retaining earth, water runoff and aesthetic appeal. Rock retaining walls have been added to many landscaping projects recently and are a wonderful addition to your garden or back yard.

Using a stacked boulder approach, rock walls can be made from natural rock, limestone, mud stone, brick, concrete block, river rock and just about any solid rock you can think of. Layered and stacked, these walls are strong and can hold back a huge amount of garden bed or earth.

The primary function of these walls is to strengthen a slope, to retain the earth on a steep slope, to cut a lower level, to reinforce a site cut so that a split level can be created, often for residential projects but also for large developments. 

Rock retaining walls are now also commonly used for a decorative feature, as they add a very pleasing look to any landscape design. Curved walls are used commonly as a garden feature, no matter the material used, stone, concrete block, steel, natural rock, rock boxes, gabion baskets, masonry walls and so on, they all look pleasing to the eye.

Who is building your next retaining wall?

Drainage Systems

As a retaining wall builder, it is our opinion that retaining walls can be a garden feature, but also can be part of a more practical water runoff system in your landscape construction. Retaining walls are ideal for use in drainage, with a garden bed built in they can also catch some water. You should always take erosion into account and create projects that foresee mother natures worst before it happens. Planning is important when designing a retaining wall, allow enough ground space to lay your aggi pipe if drainage is to be a part of the system.

Land Slips

On properties where land slips or land collapse are prone, a wall like this is exactly what you need to maintain a safe area. A retaining wall can hold the pressure of the upper layer of land, giving you a safe space to build you home or shed or whatever construction project you have in mind. Curved walls can be built to maintain more space to build. In areas where the soil is unstable, a retaining wall is not best doe as a diy project, please consult a professional, it is absolutely critical that the retaining wall posts are deep enough and engineered to take the load of the land. Residential and commercial projects both need solid foundations, so does a retaining wall. It is also important to dial before you dig, and be fully aware of the location of all underground services before you excavate or dig post holes for retaining wall posts or h beams. Vertical steel beams used for retaining walls have been driven right through the soil and into a water pipe too many times, you wouldn’t want it to be an electrical underground service.

Retention Walls

Sometimes bored piers are drilled or foundations are laid to build a retaining wall. A certain amount of retention is engineered and the foundations usually have to have a certain amount of rock socket or bond length into the rock, to provide a solid foundation for the wall retaining load to be on point. Ground conditions can be different in different areas, from Melbourne vic to the outer Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Using concrete sleepers or concrete block to build a retaining wall, we can build strong walls retaining earth for your next construction project. With our skills after many retaining walls built, we can put together concrete wall systems for you. 

Design And Construct

Your garden edge needs erosion control, aesthetic appeal, functionality among many other purposes and your outdoor space needs a finished product that looks the part.  There is a large difference between a natural stone wall, brick retaining walls, a timber sleeper wall, a sandstone retaining wall and commercial retaining walls, every retaining wall specialist knows that. It is in the design of the wall systems in which we layout the drainage and water runoff features of the retaining wall.
Having your walls designed by an expert get you a much better result. 
The wall location should be taken into account, and then based on ground conditions, materials, such as stone walls, timber retaining, treated pine sleeper, sleeper wall, block wall, steel posts, rock walls etc. 


We have all the equipment and experience necessary for site cuts and site levelling works. Along with earthmoving works.

Retaining Walls are something we do regularly, we have great reviews on our work with retaining walls. 

We are available for emergency works, in the past we have been called upon to save the day with land slips and service issues.

Sometimes the ground is just too hard, let us make light work of the ground and get your fence, decking or wall built faster.

Rock just isn’t often welcome in an earthworks project, let us make light work the rock in your way.

With larger equipment at our fingertips than most landscaping companies, we have managed to provide our customers with a range of successful landscaping outcomes.

Our fleet of trucks makes Hammer Excavations a great choice for spoil removal and earthmoving.

With tight access excavation, large scale excavation and spoil removal, retaining walls and site cuts in our skillset, choose Hammer Excavations for a smooth outcome

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We are a diverse business providing a range of services, from post holes to rock breaking and machine hire. 

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