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A Guide to Mini Excavator Sizing

When planning to start a big excavation project, your shovel, hoe, or mattock is not enough. Keep in mind that you will need the right equipment and machinery like an excavator. Perhaps, you are already acquainted with large excavators in big construction sites. But for properties with narrow spaces, a mini excavator is what you need.  Hammer Excavations has prepared a complete guide for mini excavators. Read on to learn more.

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What Are Excavators?

Excavators are construction equipment consisting of a bucket, dipper, boom, or cab on a rotating platform.  This machinery is primarily used for digging trenches and holes, landscaping, lifting, and placing large objects. Excavators are also utilized for demolishing structures. Some excavation tasks can also be done by employing hydraulic elements like augers and grapples.

What Are Mini Excavators?

Mini excavators are obviously the small version of large and bulky excavators. One of the main advantages of a compact or small excavator is it can work in small spaces. Also referred to as “mini ex,” these excavators can be attached to either wheels or tracks.

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What Are the Common Jobs for Mini Excavators?

Most of the time, mini excavators are used for construction projects, light demo, landscaping, stump removal, and material handling. With their capability, small excavators have become an ideal tool in landscaping and construction jobs. These include:

  • General digging projects
  • Roadside applications
  • Landscape projects
  • Home renovations
  • Grave digging
  • Tree harvesting
  • Repairing sewer lines
  • Demoing of small establishments
  • Installing small pools and hot tubs

Advantages of Mini Excavator

The standard and excavator both have their purpose and feature that can help you complete the job. But, if you will be working in a narrow or small space, a mini-excavator is the best choice. It’s useless to buy or rent a big excavator that is not suitable for the demands of the project.

Lighter and Smaller Machine

Since mini excavators are lighter and smaller heavy machines, transporting them from one location to another is not a problem. Significant ground mark and truck mark is no longer your problem with this kind of excavator.

Perfect for Small Project Sites

The size of the mini excavator makes it easier for them to manoeuvre and control in high-traffic sites. Not only that, these compact excavators can be parked in parking lots without too much hassle. They can be loaded too in trailers as well.

Versatile Heavy Machine

Small excavators are typically used for projects that are less rigorous and intense. They can be fitted in different kinds of attachments for them to be more adaptable in different projects. It also means it is easier to handle this equipment

Top 4 Mini Excavator

Whether you are looking forward to purchasing or leasing a mini excavator, you have to remember that there are different brands, models, and types of mini excavators. You need to select the one with the right features.

Here are the top 4 manufacturers of mini-excavators:

CATERPILLAR CAT 305E3 CR - Hammer Excavations
Source: CAT


Caterpillar (CAT) is one of the leading brands of construction equipment. The company was established in 1925.  It is one of the most well-known brands of machinery and heavy equipment all over the globe. CAT 305E3 CR is one example of the finest mid-range excavator. With an operating weight of 11,443 lbs and 40.2 hp swing boom, it is impressive machinery.

Features of CAT 305E3 CR            

  • High Definition Hydraulic System
  • Durable Hoods and Frame
  • Broad Range of CAT Work Tools
  • Front Shovel Bucket Orientation
BOBCAT E10 Compact Excavator - Hammer Excavations
Source: Bobcat

BOBCAT E10 Compact Excavator

Bobcat is also a well-recognized name in the world of mini excavators and machinery. This brand is supplying mini and full-sized excavators, which are designed to make excavation or digging an easier task. Bobcat is an ideal option for top-notch excavator jobs with the difference in configuration, tail swing, and configuration style.

Features of BOBCAT E10 Compact Excavator

  • Selectable Control Panel
  • 2-Speed Travel
  • Fold-Down Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS)
  • Retractable Blade & Undercarriage
KUBOTA High-Grade Mini Excavator U55-6 - Hammer Excavations

KUBOTA High-Grade Mini Excavator U55-6.

When it comes to high-technology construction and excavation equipment, Kubota leads the game. For many years, Kubota makes sure to create solid and efficient machinery. It is a combination of power and versatility to take any challenge.

One of the premier mini excavators from Kubota is the High-Grade Mini Excavator U55-6. This machine has an advanced 5.5 tonne that is designed to perform any digging or excavating task efficiently. It has upgraded lifting and digging power.

Features of Kubota High-Grade Mini Excavator U55-6

  • Digital Panel
  • Comfortable reclining seat
  • Drink holder
  • Wider operator space
  • ROPS/FOPS Cabin
  • 3 Pump Load Sensing Hydraulic System
  • 2 Speed Travel with Auto-Shift
  • Fully Hydraulic Pilot Control Lever
  • Third Line Hydraulic Return
  • Parking Blade
  • Reclining Oil Cooler
  • One-Sided Engine Maintenance


Hiring a mini excavator for your project is very useful as this can help you save space and budget. With the help of experienced mini excavator operators in Melbourne,  dealing with excavation projects is no longer a problem.  It is a matter of selecting the most appropriate excavator and contractor that can help you make that plan possible.

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