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Excavation Preston

Who we are

Hammer Excavations is an extremely well-known wall retaining, landscaping, and rock-breaking firm based in Preston.

Why we are

We simply adore dirt and have a strong desire to move the ground, which is why we work so hard to provide our customers with high-quality excavation results.

Where you are

What exactly are you aiming for? Do you see an opening here? We invite you to contact our Preston excavation team to assist you in completing your dream project.

How it starts

Simply contact us via website or phone call today for a no obligation free quote, to get the discussion happening on what we can do for your back yard or construction project

Machine Hire Preston

Are you in search of a bobcat or a tipper? OR  an excavator? Top-of-the-line new machinery is ready to lease at the Preston factory.
This equipment would be used in virtually every scenario where you have the additional workload of freeing up ground, whether it is for major ventures like real estate or landscaping; as a DIY renovator, you will usually use it on a daily basis.

Before beginning a large construction project or comprehensive remodelling, you must totally clear all barriers to the passage of traffic and waste, and this is where our equipment comes in handy.

post holes, auger holes, excavator drilling, fence post holes

Earth Moving Contractor Preston

For domestic, commercial, and industrial/government ventures, we include all forms of bulk excavation, cut and fill earthmoving, landscaping, back yard makeovers, retaining walls, site cuts, rock breaking and site levelling.

We have all of the equipment and machinery required for bulk excavations, including excavators, tippers, bobcats and all other earthmoving equipment.

We have qualified personnel and estimators to assist you with project management, including forecasting and measuring volumes, time frames, and schedules, to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly and, most importantly, within budget.

We can have an all-round operation, from digging to spoil removal, thanks to our deep knowledge of Melbourne suburbs and all of Victoria.

We will have a large network of tippers and dirt removal spoil drop-offs because we have a large network of tippers and dirt removal spoil drop-offs. This enhances our capacity to provide an efficient excavation service to ensure the success of your project, whether it’s a small residential backyard or basement, or a massive multi-story development basement melbourne -carpark, our fleet can handle it.

Preston's Excavation Experts

We want to create something that you love


We have filled eartmoving roles on a range of construction projects


Dealing with the local community and bringing many locals homes to life with our excavation works is something we love


Excavation as part of industrial works

Retaining Walls

Our Preston team is an expert in retaining walls and back yard design.
We’ve spent many years honing our craft at Hammer Excavations, constructing retaining walls in a variety of configurations, some in rough terrain, some in difficult-to-reach areas. This is our job; we have developed a reputation as trade specialists, with many happy customers to back us up.

“Fantastic experience dealing with Alex from Hammer Excavation. Professional, reliable, efficient and work was precise and of high quality.  Alex was flexible with some last-minute tweaks to the job and overall very happy with the work done. Looking forward to the next job Alex. Cheers”  


Excavation Across Melbourne

Our service offering is solely created on the ability to exceed expectations and offer exceptional customer support across the board. From the get-go, you’ll be met with an expert who understands the ins and outs of this industry, and that can guide you through the process of what to expect.

We’re also heavily backed by the equipment and resources needed to get the job done effectively, offering unparalleled excavation services for Preston and Northern Suburb areas of Melbourne.

  • Earthmoving: Let us box out holes, scrape sites, or prepare your area for landscaping projects., We can even help you with digging out for your pool or work within electrical and service trenches. Even emergency trenching for underground services in Preston.

  • Trenching: We’ve got a number of machinery options on hand to work within tight spaces like trenches, backyards and courtyards. Our team can support you with other areas like gardens and driveways, as well. Trenching for services and in tight, difficult areas is something we have been called upon time and time again.

  • Concrete removal: We can clear your area of concrete and rubble. After it’s done, you’ll have a clean space to work with, rock breaking, busting up conc with our hammers or simply removing concrete using our grappler, whatever you need.

  • Other services: Contact us for other excavation services across post hole drilling, piling, site excavation, spoil removal, site cuts, topsoiling, landscaping, foundations and more.

Preston is a Melbourne, Victoria, Australia suburb about 9 kilometres north of the city’s central business district. The City of Darebin is its local government district.

Preston is bounded to the east by Darebin Creek, a small tributary of the Yarra River, and is mostly flat terrain, suitable for farming at first but later for industrial and residential growth.

The initial surplus of land culminated in low density urban development in Preston’s former farmland, but demographic pressures and Preston’s proximity to the Melbourne CBD have resulted in an increasing trend toward medium to high-density urban regeneration.

Preston, as part of the City of Darebin, has a vibrant and dynamic artists and DIY culture that is contemporary, creative, and culturally diverse. Darebin regularly promotes the community’s artistry and diversity through gatherings and activities such as the Darebin Music Feast and the now-defunct High Vibes Festival. The main group Indigenous radio station 3KND is situated on Mary Street in Preston and is entirely run by Aboriginal people.

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